“A sense of community is so often lost while
wandering around. Cap Noma aims to fill the gap
between traveling and living, digging much deeper into
our travels and fully immerse in culture along the way.”

Charline Catteeuw, founder.


Cap noma is a curation of authentic yet exclusive places and experiences around the world. It’s a diverse community - inspired by the global perspective. Aligned through our ethos, we aim to build a bridge between the opportunities available in developing and developed countries.

Cap noma members are inspired to connect and fully immerse in culture while forming lasting human connections that are so often lost along the way. Somewhere between traveling and living, our members benefit from access to our partner venues, experiences and workshops, all guided by locals, and get involved with local initiatives - exploring slow traveling in an organic and conscious way, without losing the feeling of exclusivity. Cap noma is all about being able to live and work all around the world - about pursuing that persistent desire to experience local culture beyond the confines of a hotel room.

Our partners focus on preservation, promote consciousness and are practitioners of standing by purpose. We go out of our way to support local community and create a place that feels reflective of the world today.



Becoming a member of Cap noma, you are offered exclusive access and discounted offers to our partner venues, including guesthouses and boutique hotels, creative coworking and membership spaces, and local events and initiatives for and by our community and brand offers around the world. Each and every one of our partners has been handpicked for our members. Currently as we are growing the community, becoming a founding member and getting access to the membership platform is free. Thereafter, members will have access for a monthly fee, with a 20% discount if paid annually - and for members under 25. For every monthly subscription, you get:

·    Access and discounts to partner venues and properties, to explore places you’ve never been and immerse in more enriching experiences along the way

·    Exclusive access to our events (both community events, curated events and events held by locals) to go as you please

·    The opportunity to connect with other members through purpose-driven projects in places that have the spirit of where they are

Who is the membership for?

If you have ever come back from a holiday and wish you had stayed, Cap noma is for you. The membership was created for the new generation of style conscious, global citizens - the ones stand for more than ticking travel destinations off a checklist. Somewhere between traveling and living, the Cap noma member is a slow and mindful wanderer with a passion for both exploration and collaboration, who’s not willing to sacrifice freedom and exclusivity, with a passion for both exploration and collaboration.

Whether you’re a full time traveler or take frequent trips throughout the year, Cap noma is aimed at frequent travellers that value building a community and pursue a persistent desire to experience local culture beyond the confines of a hotel room.


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* 5% of all Exclusives membership fees go to our monthly chosen charity partner. Find out more