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Marketing and business support for fair fashion and sustainable brands with a purpose - and those aiming to be.

c for conscious helps small, ethical businesses grow through marketing and brand strategies - freeing up time, resources and budget while getting their clients seen. Setting a focus on consciousness and preservation while applying slow, transparent marketing practices, c for conscious only partners up with brands and businesses that stand for a purpose, that share transparency and good intentions, while also supporting brands that would like to position themselves as more sustainable by tackling their brand strategies going all the way back to the purpose of their brand. 

bali fashion initiative

for a better future of the fashion industry in Bali and the world.

Bali has always been at the forefront of the slow fashion movement and with its traditional manufacturing skills and techniques, holds a strong position in the international market. Yet there is ample room for improvement. The Bali Fashion Initiative is a Bali-wide movement promoting greater transparency and sustainability in the fashion industry in Bali and the world. We work closely together with people and businesses on all stages of the production and consumption chain, with the aim of forming a transparent link between makers, brands and consumers.