On the shore


A girl sitting on the shore of the Pacific ocean. She watches the waves rolling in and hears the surf as the tide is slowly ebbing away. Boater hat in her hands, appreciating the very breath and heartbeat of the earth, she forgets everything surrounding her, losing the idea of what she once thought she was. Existing without an identity, even if just for a moment. It did not take long before the strength of the Australian sun began to slow down her senses. Lost and absent, she created space within herself, stepping away from all she has known. She wishes to stay forever, for it being her catalyst for reflecting and questioning. Oh, how beautiful it is, allowing herself to be lost. Allowing her creative mind to wander, seeking new experiences and inspiration - without a cause or reason. And maybe, maybe allowing her to find her final calling.

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And maybe we can actually find our purpose by travelling.

▷ Sydney, Australia.
Photographed by Olivia Laskowski.

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