The nomad - and summer in the city


Golden hour, London. In the wake of the hot breath, of starry summer nights and infinite possibilities.

The past few weeks have been much of a blast. Summer just doesn't seem to stop - there is that new ambiance in the city that seems to inspire and motivate everyone around - whether that's taking a stroll alongside the Southbank or leaning back and indulge in the exuberance of a panoramic summer night. 

I love the summer in London. And still, there is a side of me feeling major envy being stuck in the cage that is the city. While the heat is rising from dusty pavements that other side of me longs for more - maybe the sea, the salt, the palm trees; endless summer nights, even packing and unpacking - like a sudden urge of something that's missing in the city. Slowly but steadily, it's like getting tired of waking up and seeing the same streets, the same buildings every single day.
Routine is a scary thing, that's for sure. I for my part have never been particularly good at keeping up with one. In a truly nomadic way, I spend a lot of time conjuring up the lives I could have in other places. How content I could be having yet another change of scenery, yet another new change to the newly acquired routine - to the world I've been trying to fit into for the past years.

Is that was life is meant to be - lived at one place, following the same rituals day in, day out? Then how is it possible that we want one thing, but then also want (and do) another? It's like a never ending riddle of life to me. I have no idea when I will leave, or where even to go. Perhaps not in one, or two years time, or even five years from now. It's ridiculous and for now, still here in London, I'm dreaming of other cities - but mostly praying for the summer not to end. 


what I'm wearing: Dress - Miss Selfridge, via ASOS  Bag - Topshop  Earrings - Mango