Siquijor Island - Untouched Paradise


Crystal clear water. Coconuts falling off the trees. Straight into your arms. And a whole lot of unspoiled nature. I guess that's a pretty accurate description of my recent trip to the remote island that is Siquijor.

After spending time in Cebu City, I knew I wanted more - I was open to experience the Filipino way of life, away from wifi and the ever-connected world - but the choice of which island to go to seemed like a never ending process. I came to the realisation that I would need a lot more time to discover all of the different places on my bucket list, but this time, I wanted to go somewhere quiet to enjoy a few days of peace. And I couldn't have made a better choice than resorting to a solo trip in Siquijor, the island of witchcraft and black magic - somehow still offensive to the locals. Just an hour away by boat from Dumaguete City, the island used to drive away local tourists but consistently attracted foreigners because of its mysterious appeal. And it certainly did attract me.

While it has been raining for most of my stay, I think I made the best off my trip. While Siquijor is the third smallest island province in the Philippines, it has a lot to offer – from dreamy waterfalls and powder white sand beaches over to hiking trails and nature paths. The island, truly is as authentic you can get in the Philippines, with wonderfully charming people and a beautiful tropical scenery all around.