The best places to escape winter


Slowly but steadily winter is approaching. It's getting cold and wet out there and all you want to do is escape, so it's a relief to know there's somewhere warm to escape to.We're giving you the best of every continent and have compiled a list of our top destinations to get out of the cold, into the warm-weather. In no time at all, you'll be ready to head off to where beaches, warm waters, and outdoor adventures await. Thank us later!


Marrakech is high up on our favourite destination list, thanks to impressive architecture, it's stunning open-air markets and overall mix of food, culture and shopping. Rich in culture, Marrakech is the place to be for any traveler looking for more than just a beachside resort. And with a three and a half hour flight from London, Marrakech is a great destination to catch some sun rays outside of the summer season, still hitting the high 20s in October, which makes it perfect for strolling the medina outside of the Summer heat period. It goes without saying that prices drop along with the temperature and off-season bargains are around every corner, making the luxurious riads and new hotels Marrakech has to offer just that bit more affordable.


Zanzibar, an archipelago located off the coast of East Africa, is without a doubt and true to its reputation, an island paradise. The island features miles of pristine and scenic sandy beaches and reflects a rich history and vibrant culture, with a cultural mix of people that emerged from eras of trade relations with different countries. Zanzibar is the ideal holiday destination all through the year, with an average of about 7 hours sunshine every day.


The canary islands are an option that does not require an expensive long haul flight. Each of the seven islands washed by the Atlantic Ocean is completely different, but they all enjoy a year-round warm climate. While their geographic location is African rather than European, a blessing for anyone seeking winter sun, they are Spanish, which accounts for great food and a well-preserved culture. And should the beaches prove too breezy while there, there is so much to explore inland.


Havana is a great place to find winter sunshine. Not only does it burst in culture and impressive architectural treasures, it also hosts amazing beaches, making it easy for you to combine your city explorations with a beach getaway. And although Cuba is located in the Caribbean, it is quite different from its neighbors—former British, Dutch and French colonies— as well as from other Spanish colonies in Latin America.


If you're an adventure-seeker, Costa Rica is the place for you. Next to 1,000 miles of coastline, featuring some of the most amazing beaches, Costa Rica is known for adrenaline-pumping activities like scuba diving, whitewater rafting, sky diving, surfing and cliff diving, with the water being warm year-round. Costa Rica also has a delicious national cuisine and is known as the happiest country on earth, always being welcomed with a smile by the locals.


You never go wrong choosing La La Land as your next destination. Los Angeles, home to the nation’s best weather and Hollywood's biggest stars, has all you could ever imagine, with everything from amazing and diverse dining options, stunning beaches, luxurious hotels and shopping. Los Angeles makes for a great escape from the snow and cold much of the rest of the country faces, all while enjoying smaller crowds than during the summer months.


Thai islands are without a doubt covered in paradise spirit, offering numerous places for a perfect vacation. Natural wonders meet jungles and breathtaking landscapes; each island has a unique personality and attracts a different kind of traveler. However, when it comes to beach holiday in Thailand, Koh Samui is still one of the favourite islands. Little surprising, considering the island's picture-perfect white sand beaches and heavenly nature. The Thai culture and history definitely adds to the charm of the island.


Tourist mecca and business hub Dubai is an obvious choice for a winter getaway, with year-round sunshine, prestige beaches, stunning seaside promenades and high class service. Dubai's art and design design scene keeps rising, as is the ever changing food scene, always bringing something more to the city home to spectacular skylines. The most pleasant period to visit the UAE is during winter season, as summer tend to get unbearably hot.