Equestrian themes in Fashion


Consumers associate equestrian imagery with sophistication, grace, and opulence. Many fashion designers have incorporated equestrian themes into his or her clothing, along with the marketing campaigns launched for these lines to evoke just that. The use of horses and the equestrian lifestyle can be seen in campaigns throughout the past few years, and Hannah Madsen of EQL, an online destination for fans of authentic equestrian apparel and lifestyle, has put together a list of the most popular campaigns incorporating this theme.


Metamorphosis: An Hermès Story

Hermès launched a 2014 Autumn/Winter print campaign highlighting the influence of nature, and included horses as a symbol of majesty. Equestrian style is elegant and classic, which is captured in this campaign from color to style.



Romance: Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is perhaps one of the most notable designers incorporating the equestrian-theme into its campaigns for not only clothing, but fragrance lines as well. “Romance,” the fragrance launched in 1998, and has used horses in all of its ad campaigns with the slogan, “A Timeless Love.”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHMONx6A2pA]


Forever Now: Gucci

Launched in 2012, the Gucci “Forever Now” advertising campaign incorporated horses also as a symbol of grandeur, with the season’s handbags taking cue from the curves in a horse’s saddle and incorporating it into the line.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOey-UnhI_o?list=PLpMYl5hbYkRGNPA90RFGMT4nQ4OWMXjpj]


There’s no question fashion designers will continue to utilize the equestrian lifestyle and horses in their campaigns. What fashion brand can you envision using this theme next?


Equestrian Themes in Fashion Advertising & Marketing Campaigns By Hannah Madsen, Editor-in-Chief, EQL for Chayleen.

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