Trend alert: Brim hat


Considering the fall/ winter 2015-2016 fashion trends, I think it is and has been so far a season full of the loveliest accessories. Like in spring and summer, this autumn brings a lot of different headwear accessories in all kinds of styles. More and more headwear trends are showing up, making outfits look much more stylish and complete. Even though where I live right now it is pretty cold and feels like winter already, and my hat is blown off my head due to the wind all the lakes are causing, I did not want to miss the opportunity to show you one of my basic, but at the same time one of my favourite hats this season. It's a black floppy fedora, that works well with almost every outfit. I love hats, and whether it’s in the streets, on blogs, or worn by celebrities, it looks like everyone feels the same way with their love for the accessory this year. For me, a hat must be simple, otherwise it can easily be too much or look like one tried too hard.


To wear a fedora in style, I like to stick with basics, like this green sweater, a simple skirt and booties. You can go for an edgy, cool vibe, or put it on with your favorite comfortable pieces for a more casual look. But also if you want to transform your look from the most casual one to something chic and extravagant, hats, and any type of stylish headwear pieces can become vital details. Either way, you can never go wrong with a fedora!

Forget the hair brush and hide the messy hair under a hat instead? Yes, please.

If you do not know if a hat flatters you, or you do not feel comfortable wearing a hat in public, don't know how what to do with your hair under or you own a hat, but don't find the right pieces to combine it, this great article from the Wall Street Journal may help you to get rid of your doubts.