Mindful changes that will go the distance

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Work. work. work. It's so easy these days to be on the go all the time, trapped in an unbreakable cycle of overwork - without thinking of taking care of yourself even once, without looking out for yourself - the number one.
The modern woman is career orientated and focused, she doesn’t give in easy. But she's also all about the balance, living her personal life and focusing on herself at the same time. And there are a few easy ways you can be aware of your mind and your body to be more productive for work - even if you don’t want to go full blast into the latest health and fitness trend. 

‘9 to 5’

People are always in a rush, competing to be the best in their 9-5 job that just takes over their life. With little to no time for themselves. But sometimes, you just have to get away and do something for yourself that allows you to be refreshed for the next day. You've probably heard this a million times, but one of the best things to do after a long day at work is to exercise. A quick 30-minute workout as soon as you get in can be the best thing to do. Plus, you'll have the whole evening to relax.

Ten minutes a day

Get as far away from technology as you possibly can - people are surrounded by it all the time and it can be very self-controlling. Meditation can come in many forms, and you don’t have to get a mat out, cross your legs and hum, just get yourself into a state where you are calm - for 10 minutes each day. Let your thoughts rush in and out and focus on your breathing. Use an app if you need to; our favourite being Calm – ironic in talking about not using your mobile you have to use your mobile..

Get competitive

We live in an age where in order to be the best at your job you're often defined by the number of followers you have. But shouldn't we all just stop top looking at where other people are in their own career, what they post on Instagram or how picture perfect their lives look. Chances are they're not. Instead, compete with yourself. Set your own goals for where you want to be in your career, and don’t let social media become apart of your day to day life - taking photos of your food really isn’t that important.

Jot it down

As a writer, you have pen and paper on your side at all times, and it is something everyone should learn to do. No matter what it is, write down, have a plan for the next day, even if you think you will remember it - trust me you won’t. This allows you to stop overthinking when you know it has been written down and let's you create more ideas and plans for the day ahead.  Once you write every detail down you are able to adapt to that idea, to stick to it - even a scribble is a great way to open up new ideas.



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