5 Golden Rules for setting and achieving goals


Whether you’re a self proclaimed Girlboss or not, we’ve all been there: Pretending to be superwoman, trying to jiggle a million and one things at the same time, with nothing but success on our sight. But in reality, the actual journey to success isn’t all that easy, especially with no clear goals in mind. Before embarking on any journey, it is absolutely essential you know where you want to go. So, whether you need a hand setting your goals, or just find yourself in a motivational hole, keep those 5 golden rules for setting and achieving your goals in mind. 



Are you guilty of saying you will do something, but then lose focus and never get the job done? Well, are you actually making plans for your short and long term goals? Question answered.
Having goals isn’t enough. We all have them, but they’re not going to amount to anything if they’re just sitting in the back of your head all day. So, make your goals as visible and tangible as you can, so you can see them every day and get pumped about working towards them. This is going to make them so much more real and puts them into action.
 Write them down, create a vision board, put it up on the wall somewhere you can see it every day. It’s a nice reminder to see it first thing in the morning.
What helps me is to share my goal(s) with others as well. I find myself working more actively towards publicly declared goals, it gives me an additional boost of motivation and makes me more likely to achieve them after all.



Let me tell you this. You’re never going to stick to a goal without a purpose or meaning behind them. Without a compelling reason to act, t will just never create the strong intention for you to act (See point 3).
Find out why you want to achieve your goals. Give yourself compelling, strong and emotional reasons for why you must accomplish them no matter what it takes. Make up a list of benefits of achieving your goal, by considering what it would do for you. Put the list up somewhere visible, as a motivational reminder at times when you are feeling off track. If your goal is meaningful enough and in line with what you believe, then you’re on the right track. Once you find something that makes it worth stick with your goal, nothing will be stopping you!



Let’s face it, if we’re not “starting tomorrow”, we “had a bad day” or make up any other excuse to procrastinate and put things off that push us forward. We are all guilty of the delay of taking actions every now and again. Making a plan is one thing, putting the work and effort in a totally different one. And thinking of it, why are we constantly waiting for tomorrow in first place? What is making tomorrow any better than today? Stop making excuses, put that smartphone aside and get off your butt! Do not let anything, even yourself get in the way of your own progress. It’ll get a lot easier, trust me when I say this! 



At the end of the day, week, or even once a month, sit down, review, see what worked and what didn’t. Did I actually do something today that brought me closer to my goal, or did I just sit on my butt and did nothing? Did the strategy I tried failed massively? Be flexible to move onto something new and make amendments to your strategy. Come up with a new tactic if need but, most importantly, do not give up trying!



Reward yourself. Go all crazy. Whatever your career goals, the journey can be long and far from easy, so make sure you take the time to appreciate when you hit milestones and celebrate the successes along the way, however small they might seem. You'll get there eventually!