Solo traveling - an act of self-confidence


350,000 feet in the air, heading 6,000 miles away from home. Ready for a truly immersive experience. Open and exposed to the elements, prepared to get a real sense of what it means to live in the place I travel to. Because I'm about to become part of it too.

If you're anything like me, you simply cannot sit still for a longer period of time. You're constantly craving the next opportunity to escape the oh-so-often distracting everyday in which, sometimes, our travel plans just don't align with anyone else's.
Luckily for us, solo traveling has lost the "lonely hearted" status it once carried, with a growing number of people willing to explore the world on their own. But what sounds exciting to some, is intimidating to others. No one to share the experience with. No one to hold on to. No companion to watch your back. You, the only defense against the elements. Yet, one of the most rewarding ways to explore the world.


The act of self confidence

Traveling in itself is an act of confidence. Going places by yourself demonstrates strength, and the ability to be okay with being by yourself can be extremely empowering. You’ll never hear a solo traveller tell you anything else than how wonderful and liberating it is to travel alone. Meaningful travel journey takes you on to test and expand self-knowledge, and stepping outside that comfort zone, taking the leap of getting out there on your own can have a huge impact on the person you are when you're back in it. As we allow ourselves to immerse into unknown territory, we can immediately recognise the internal shift in self confidence.


Travel solo, not alone

Traveling alone doesn't mean feeling lonely. While it might take you some time to adapt to your surrounding, and you might experience this unknown feeling in your stomach when first leaving the airport, you will eventually get comfortable being on your own at a relatively fast pace. The beauty of solo travel is that you’ll develop quickly resilience with every small move and decision that you make alone. Just be confident and open to meet people. Be out in the world ,with others - then, be with yourself to reflect, regroup and feel replenished. 

Six solo trips later its safe to say, the difference in my self-confidence and decision-making is noticeable - for the better. Follow your wanderlust, it leads you to the best places. Don't put off your travel dreams because you don't want to travel all by yourself. Instead, spend some quality time alone and let yourself indulge in the revitalising experience. It'll make you realise how strong you really are.

TravelCharline Catteeuw