Slowing down in
a fast paced world


the c sphere is a merge of companies and projects rounding up founder Charline’s creative aspirations. At the heart, they all focus on slow fashion and travel with a purpose - linking opportunities in developed and developing countries, and constantly finding innovative ways to do so.

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Charline Catteeuw
to launch the
Bali Fashion Initiative

In 2019, the Bali edition of Fashion Revolution Week will be first introduced, showcasing various aspects of the industry throughout a week-long events series in Bali.


Career in transit
Charline Catteeuw on Linkedin


Creating a career as a young Woman today
Charline Catteeuw on Linkedin


“ Sometimes, we fall in love with a place - so strongly it
becomes a part of us, and fills up our heart with
a sense of being home, with a feeling of belonging.”

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